Practice Areas

This lists a few of the areas involved in my practice.

Probate Examples:

Small estate procedures (by Affidavit of Heirship proceedings) | Muniment of Title alternative | Independent Administrations | Dependent Administrations | litigation and will contests | Family settlement agreements | Guardianship proceedings, contests and processes

Estate Planning Examples:

Basic Wills | Wills with Testamentary Trusts | Marital Deduction Formula Wills | “QTIP” Trusts | Bypass Trusts | Disclaimer Trusts | Special Needs Trusts (parents, minors) | Intervivos Trusts (grantor, education, revocable, irrevocable) | Powers of Attorney (all types) | Intervivos Designation of Guardian | HIPAA Authorizations | Qualified Disclaimers | Asset Protection through Limited Partnership | Limited Liability Company | Spendthrift Trusts | Medical Power of Attorney | other documents to implement comprehensive planning

Real Property Transaction Examples:

Deeds | Deeds of Trust | Quitclaim | Leases & other agreements | Partition agreements or litigation

Elder Law Planning and Protections:

Medicare/Medicaid Planning | Using trusts to avoid guardianship | Powers of Attorney and special provisions | Directive to Physicians and Medical Powers of Attorney | Reverse Mortgage planning | Ladybird arrangements

Business Entities – formation and operation:

Corporations (profit, non-profit, Sub-S elections) | Charitable Organizations | General partnerships | Limited partnerships (including family-only limited partnerships) | Limited Liability Partnerships | Limited Liability Companies | all necessary documentary provisions and filings with the Texas Secretary of State and IRS | all documents to capitalize | ongoing counsel and advice throughout the operation | restrictions on transfer | buyout agreements and clauses (funded and unfunded arrangements) | clauses and techniques for blocking outside influences (e.g., a co-owner’s divorce or judgment creditors and other disruptive events) | post-formation elections and alternatives | many other related documents and provisions

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