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Texas Probate: Is it always necessary to probate a will?

As is the case with so many other legal subjects, the answer to this legal question is “it depends.” Assume a person has died with a will, and a relative possesses the will and has knowledge of the death. Under

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Wills: How to Store and Protect

When you have signed your will and other estate planning documents there are some best-practices to follow to protect the documents. A safe deposit box at your bank is a good place. The documents will be protected from fire, theft,

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Will Contests: undue influence, coercion, fraud, forgery, incompetence

Will contests arise from forgery, coercion, undue influence, lack of mental capacity, lack of required formalities, and failure to address changed circumstances. Generally, a challenge to a will must be commenced within two years. If fraud or a forgery is

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Texas Wills: Types, terminology

You have the power to control what shall happen to your property. To execute a formal will is a superior alternative to dying without one. See, Die Without a Will in Texas? A Last Will and Testament should describe what

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Texas Intestacy: If you die without a Will

When a person dies without a will in Texas, the Texas Probate Code establishes who shall be entitled to the decedent’s property. The “Law of Intestacy”  according to the Texas rules is discussed below. There are certain kinds of assets

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